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Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life love gives you a fairytale

I mainly use authentic posing techniques with my Bride & Groom, so that instead of being told stand there, no turn this way turn that, the majority of the photography part of your day,  is spent getting the two of your to act naturally with each other, doing things that make you concentrate on each other and not the camera, those couples that laugh will laugh, those that cuddle will cuddle and so on , it brings out the real couple not just the highly posed couple, the love and soul of the both of you.

There is an element of posing with the group shots, but I make this as fun as I can so that your photos are an enjoyable part of your day not a chore for you or your guests.

What happens now?

You can contact me through the contact form here, I love would to hear from you .                                        

We arrange an initial meeting, to discuss you day, followed by a visit to your venue to scout out the best places for your photo get all the timings and details written down, this is a great time for me to meet with your  wedding planner/event manager.

We have contact again three weeks before the wedding to ensure that no timings have changed,

After the wedding I arrange a private viewing for you both to see your wedding photos at my reveal room  where we can discuss wedding album choices, you can then share your secure online album with whoever you wish as you wish.

I believe that photos should be seen as well as just on a USB so therefore all my packages include a wedding album

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