Welcome to Kessex

Photography with feeling

Welcome to Kessex

Kessex why the name?

I am originally from Kent and and my partner is from Essex, so we became 'Kessex'. I moved from Kent to Essex 5 years ago and am now based in the beautiful village of Battlesbridge.

Kessex Photography is all about photography with feeling, being able to capture those moments on camera that will last you a lifetime, being able to relax my clients to get real smiles.

It's about having fun, whilst creating those moments to treasure.

  • Real Smiles
  • Memories now and forever

Kessex - covers the whole of Kent and Essex.

I am a Certified Professional with the Master Photographers Association - having won 13 Highly Commended's from them in the past 2 years.

I inherit my passion for photography from my Grandfather who was a keen amateur with his own dark room.

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