Kessex Photography earns a Merit

During lockdown the Master Photographers Association held their annual regional competition as a Certified Professional, I enter my image into the Up and Coming Photographer Category.

Images were submitted and a judge went through every image entered with a fine eye for detail and composition.

An online critique of every image was made in the MPA community on Facebook and the South Eat Region was over 3 hours long, that is how many submissions there where, just the Up and Coming took 2 hours.

In the evening all participants were invited to a Zoom meeting in the evening where the winners were announced.

I was over the moon to be one of the ten who received a Merit for the image above.

So what does a merit mean, a Merit is awarded by the judges for 'Recognition of outstanding photographic skill and excellence in imaging.

Kessex has received to date a total of 13 Highly Commended awards from the Master Photographers Association, which is an award given from a monthly critique judged by the Chairman of the MPA.

I hope this will be the first of many for Kessex, together with the Highly Commended Awards.

Regional Award Certificate from the MPA