How to pick your wedding photographer

He/She asked they said yes! Congratulations.

The date has been set, the venue has been booked the bridesmaid have screamed with the pleasure of being asked, the groomsmen are already worrying about how to make that all important speech, both touching and funny. The colour scheme is in place, the dress shopping has commenced and the suits are being measured, now you need a photographer...................

There some important things to remember when choosing your wedding photographer. Remember that when the day has gone all you will to recollect that day is your memories and the photos taken.

I have seen lots of posts on Facebook requesting cheap photographers, and they get hundreds of responses, but please some things to think about, cheap does not mean the best or the right photographer for you.

So, somethings to consider when picking your photographer:

Meet with them - any professional photographer would be happy to meet with you and your partner, and I suggest that you do meet with your photographer. You don't want to meet them on the day like a blind date and find out they are miserable, no fun and have no idea what they are doing.

Meeting with your photographer will do a few things, do you get on - may not seem important but it is, they will be with you throughout the day and you need to be able to get on, they need to be able to provoke those all important smiles and moment of laughter.

Look at their website - is their photography style what you are looking for, you do not want a fine art photographer who is all about taking the pictures that they want, when you want a more relaxed less posed day.

Talk to them - about what you are looking for from your day, if they do not think that they will be able to do what you want any professional will tell you, sorry we do not do that, so you know that is not the photographer for you. Also you need to get on with your photographer, they are with you all day.

Cost - do not be blindsided by cost, You are making an investment in your day, you are investing in the person taking the photographs, Just like your venue, your dress, your day you want your photos to be the best, so sometimes it is worth investing that little bit extra.

They are not just there clicking a button, they are an essential part of your day. They have spent years learning their profession, and never stop learning, to be able to use the settings on their cameras to their full potential, not just leave it in auto mode, using the light natural and/or flash, to get you the best pictures even in the most dreary circumstances, they will spend many hours after the event, editing, uploading, designing wedding albums, things you don't see but are happening.

They are there to make you and your guests smile to make the photography part as fun as the rest of your day, whilst creating amazing memories for you and your future generations.

Visit your venue - meet with your photographer at your venue so that they can see where you are getting married, this is a time for them to have a look around, check out the best place for photos. Even if I have been to a venue before I will always meet with the couple and their wedding event co-ordinator from the venue, we run through timings, what happens if the weather is not as expected,

What happens if - make sure they are fully insured, do they have back up equipment should anything fail on the day. Do they have a back up photographer, should anything stop them being able to attend, it is very rare occurrence, but just in case.

How will you get your photos - how will you be able to see your photos, will there be an online gallery, will you be able to share this with your guests, how will this work.

How long until you get your photos - If they have not told you ask, how long before you get to view your photos. Don't be surprised if there is a 3+ week gap.

I have been doing wedding photography for some years, each one unique to that couple and I have on occasion turned into Chauffeur for the bridesmaids, even the bride once, when cars have not turned up, Got the groom who absolutely hated having his photo taken, to relax smile and forget about the camera and some amazing photos, which his now wife loves.

But I have enjoyed each and every wedding, I have laughed and cried at speeches, I have seen the love of two people on this special occasion and I have been the one to raise my camera and make sure that they have that moment captured for a lifetime. I have taken photos of the guests faces as the bride comes up the aisle, as the best man makes his speech. I have taken photos of the flower girls and page boys, maybe doing something they should not have been, but still being cute, all for the bride and groom to see what was going around them whilst they did what they were supposed to be doing and enjoyed their day.

I have taken photos of the most beautiful people on their special day, each one looking stunning and seen the look of love as their partner has turned to see them in their finery for the first time and I loved every minute of each one, I have such fun with the whole bridal party, making sure there was plenty of laughter, even if sometimes at my expense, but I have loved and every minute of every one of them.

If you have just got engaged and came across this article congratulations and even if I am not the photographer on your list, I wish you many years of happiness and I hope that you photographer of choice brings a smile or two to your day and years to come.

Choose the right photographer not the cheapest, because your photos are your forever moments.