Flowers and Reflections

Like everyone when the world became locked away from everyone due to Covid 19, I got to stay indoors, which is not very good when you are a photographer, the ability to take photos of people and weddings became impossible and left me with a large gap in my life.

So the kitchen table being the only thing that I could travel to and from, I decided to make this my mini studio and set about learning some new skills for still life.

Flowers I had in abundance so they became the focus of my attempts, so here are just some of the images that I have created during this time, with a compact mirror, some jewellery on occasion, flowers and a spray bottle to create the reflection naturally on the wood on the table.

With a reflector on the left hand side, a softbox and speedlight on the right and a grey background these still lives where made. I will add some behind the scenes photos in the next couple of days so that you can have a try at home, together with the camera settings, which of course can vary to the sort of look that you are looking for.

So you can create this sort of photography in a small space, with the minimum equipment, even some do-it-yourself equipment.

I will post a full breakdown in the next few days and I would love to see your results, please free to share them on my facebook page or tag our instragram page,