Hidden gem in battlesbridge

Hidden amongst the antique stalls is a little pub called the The One Green Bottle in Battlesbridge.

On a Tuesday night it comes alive with the roar and purr of the big engines and smooth looks of the big bikes world. Harley Davidson's a plenty and bikes that people have spent years building and designing (as well as one Vespa).

On this night you will be amazed by the machinery and the absolute friendliness of those who ride them.

My partner is a scooter (Vespa) rider and mod, and this Tuesday he pulled up fully suited on his scooter amongst all these big bikes and their riders, funny oh yes absolutely completely out of place, oh yes but certainly put a few smiles on faces when he dismounted and announced 'I must be at the wrong party'.

We went along to meet some of his old school friends and of course for me to take some photos as scooters, Harleys etc are something that I love to photograph and those who ride them.

A warm welcome was awaiting and everyone was up for a bit of impromptu photography, with a handheld speedlite in hand and my daughter being the light holder.

Below are some taken without plan and I hope that I will be able to get some of the owners to agree to a photo shoot, as I would love to get them their bikes and of course the compulsory smoke grenades for a extra bit of atmosphere to put towards my Master Panel in the near future.

I will say that the photos of them grabbing the guy in the suit was a bit of fun between old friends as you can tell by their very serious smiling faces, they could not stop smiling the three of them :O).

So a big thank you to the ladies and gentlemen last night at the One Green Bottle a hidden gem in Battlesbridge that truly comes alive on a Tuesday evening as well as other evenings I am sure.